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Venado's and Friend's Trophies
and the stories behind them

In order to see all of the trophies and their stories, click on the arrow below.
To go to a specific trophy, click on the thumbnail picture and name below.
(Gross B&C Class is shown in parentheses.)

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pickup1_page6a Mexico Pickup (160) buck015c2_page6b V. Zapata Cty. (150) perry3_page6c Herrington (120)
mary1_page6d V. Wife (130) wilson1_page6e Wilson (180) payne1_page6f Payne (220)
girls1_page6g V. Trailer (130/140/150) rene1_page6h V. Daughter angie1_page6j V. Daughter (140)
buck017j_page6k V. Val Verde Cty. (140) buck038_page6m V. Maverick Cty. (150) jerry2_page6b Davis (160)
kingranch_page6p Alvarez (240) stevefrt_page6q Link (170) chrislook1_page6r Look (150)
buck022_page6s V. Maverick Cty. (150)

buck027_page6a Vanecek (160) scott3_page6u Meckel (170)
kevin2_page6v Pook (170) fuhrman2_page6w Fuhrman (160) fuhrman3_page6x Fuhrman (140)
batch1_page6y Batchelor (170) herold_page6z Herold (140) kevil1a_page6za Kevil (150)
suemundy98_page6zb Mundy (160 and 160) herold_page6z Armstrong (130)