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1997-1998 Season Best Texas Non-Typical

This photograph was given to me by a friend but this buck is so fine that I simply have to put it here on my page so that others will get to enjoy a really great buck!

This monster was killed by Adan "Bull" Alvarez, a King Ranch employee and fifth generation cowboy on company property in Kleberg County, Texas on January 16, 1998. This buck has a basic 6 X 6 rack with drop tines on each side and 6 other abnormal points on each side yielding a fantastic 13 X 13 rack. It scores 246 gross and nets 239 5/8 B&C. It is the best Texas non-typical of the 1997-1998 season, the best Texas non-typical since 1966, and will go down as the 8th best Texas non-typical of all time. "Bull" was hunting turkey with his brother-in-law when the buck stepped out 175 yards away. Some turkey hunt!

One of the remarkable things about this buck is that the field dressed weight was only 105 pounds. He must have been one "bad" dude to carry that rack around on his head all season! Also unusual is the absence of broken points, normally by that stage of the season most bucks will show signs of their many battles. This one must have won dominance by appearance alone! (There is another theory that some biologists accept that a LOW level of testosterone will cause a buck to cease sexual activity following the development and removal of velvet from antlers. These bucks then retreat from any sexual activity and consequently are not involved in the typical fights for dominance.)

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