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Steven's January 1998 Wide Mexico Buck

Steven Link of New Braunfels, Texas took this wide "bigun" in Mexico on January 3, 1998. This buck is 25" wide and scores 172 gross B&C. Steven saw this buck on an earlier trip to the ranch and was unable to get off the kind of shot that would ensure a kill on such a fine deer. He had made very good use of his spotting scope because on his return home, he was able to tell me in great detail what the buck looked like.

Prior to his return home, he told his other hunter friends about the buck. It was 12 days before Steve could get back to the ranch and during that time the buck was hunted morning and evening 9 of the 12 days. Upon his return, Steve went to his spot and 20 minutes after daylight, this great buck walked out into the sendero about 300 yards away and made his last mistake when Steven's 257 Weatherby nailed him. When you consider the odds, this buck must have had Steven's name on it from the start!

This is an example of a hunter with definite quality goals and the patience (and good luck!) to achieve them.

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