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Chris Look's Fine 146 P&Y Buck

Chris Look of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. took this wonderful 146 P&Y buck with his Hoyt bow in Connecticut in October 1997.

He and a friend had scouted the area in August that they were to hunt in October and Chris saw this buck traveling with a fine 9 pt buck. He built a ground blind in preparation for the coming season and to set up for one of these fine animals. When he returned to his blind in October, he had to make the tough decision to pass up the 9 pointer when he came within 20 yards of his blind. This decision was the right one because a little while later this buck came along on the same trail. Every thing was right it seemed; however as is so often the case, really big bucks have a sixth sense that often saves them. The buck stopped and turned to leave; however Chris gave him a grunt call and this stopped him so that Chris could make the only shot that he had at 25 yards, one to the neck! 80 yards later the deer was his and was bound for the record book!

Another example of patience and quality goals paying off big time.

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