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Mike's Very Nice 140 Class 10 Point Buck

Mike Herold of Houston, Texas found an isolated spot on his Zapata County Lease where a large buck had created a major scrape line on retama and huisache brush. He set up a tripod in the area but on the first morning that he hunted the spot the fog was very thick and all he saw was a young 18" 8 point chasing a doe. The following morning, December 30, 1998, Mike planned to hunt elsewhere but at the last minute had a "feeling" that he had to return to his tripod. Even though the fog rolled in again, the "feeling" was right since the big buck showed up at 75 yards and Mike made his shot. Although the buck was hit hard he escaped in the fog. Mike's uncle came to help and they tracked the buck to a dry arroyo where they lost the trail. They left a marker at the arroyo to mark the spot so that they could return later. When they returned and after searching for another half-hour, Mike's uncle saw the buck lift its head and fired a finishing shot. The buck died in the arroyo a few yards from the marker that they had left earlier. This buck had held tight in the brush all the time that the search was taking place within a few yards of him and Mike has really gained respect for a white-tails ability to lie low when under pressure...!

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