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Bob's 162 B&C Iowa Buck

Bob Fuhrman, who lives near Lancaster, PA took this super buck in 1995 in Iowa while bowhunting with Steve Shoop of J&S Trophy Hunts.

Steve set up Bob in a giant cottonwood tree near a scrape where a large buck had been seen. After 9 does drifted through the area a nice 145 class buck came toward the scrape and as Bob was almost ready to make his release a "grunt" from another buck stopped everything in progress. This second buck came directly to the scrape and began to work it with a vengence. When the buck went to work on a licking branch, Bob was able to perfectly place an arrow in him, and after only a 25 yard run, he piled up.

The buck has a typical 7 X 6 frame with 2 stickers at the bases for a total of 15 measurable points and a gross B&C score of 162. Here is the real kicker to this already good story; this buck was only 2 1/2 years old..!! We can only imagine what this buck might have developed into had he lived to full maturity at a ripe old age of 5 1/2.

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