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Closeup of big Mexico White-tail buck(buck001b.jpg)

Last update 05 February, 2000
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The name Venado is the Mexican word for deer and Loco is crazy which pretty much defines my passion for deer hunting!

The links to your left will take you to all of my photographs, tales, and information on hunting in Texas and Mexico. Click on the "Expanded Index" if you want to see additional details prior to your visit to any of the pages. I hope you enjoy yourself and that you will let me know what you think by signing my guestbook.

The photograph of the buck shown above was taken in Mexico in the state of Coahuila. He is a nice 140+ class 8 point buck that is always a thrill to see, but is not the "Bigun" that most hunters in Mexico are looking for. He was chosen as my "Logo" buck because it is tough to ever be able to get this close and still get away with a picture..!

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