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Buck chasing a doe on the edge of a laguna in Mexico (linkbuck026.jpg)

The Rut is on...!!! A young Mexican buck is in hot pursuit of a doe.




The following organizational links are to hunting related internet sites that I have enjoyed. Give them a visit and see what they have to offer.

B && C LOGO/linkbnc.jpgBoone and Crockett Club Homepage--This Homepage of the premiere record keeping authority for North American game animals provides links to all club activities including pictures and details on the top animal in each category.

B && C LOGO/linkbnc.jpgBoone and Crockett Club Score Charts--This page of the Boone and Crockett Club provides score chart forms so that a hunter can print them out and do a rough score on a trophy to determine if an official scorer needs to be contacted.

BUCKMASTERS LOGO/linkbuckmasters.jpgBuckmaster's Best Bucks--This page of the relatively new Buckmaster's Trophy Records (BTR) provides links to pictures and details on the top white-tailed deer in each category.The BTR scoring method does not penalize a trophy because it did not grow antlers in some man created prescribed manner. It measures the antlers that the deer grew and records the results. (For instance, the "air" of spread is not considered in the score.)

BUCKMASTERS LOGO/linkbuckmasters.jpgBuckmaster's Score Sheet--This link takes you to an unofficial score sheet where you can score your own trophy interactively and get immediate results.(Venado is a scorer for BTR and anyone in the San Antonio area that has taken a deer with antlers that he believes will qualify can contact Venado through the guestbook or e-mail and arrange to have the antlers officially scored for the BTR Record Book)

NRA LOGO/linknra.jpgThe National Rifle Association of America--This will take you to the NRA homepage where their many activities involving protection of your Second Amendment rights can be accessed. If you are not a member of the NRA and believe in the constitutional right to bear arms, they need you now. As a result of the people electing Bill Clinton as President, your constitutional rights have never been under a more severe assault.

PNY LOGO/linkpny.jpgPope & Young Club--This will take you to the homepage of the Pope & Young Club which is the organization that is the trophy record keeping authority for animals taken with bow and arrow.

linksci.jpgSafari Club International--This will take you to the homepage of SCI. SCI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, education of the people, and the protection of hunter rights. It was founded in 1971, and has over 30,000 members in 184 chapters in 37 countries.

linktpwd.jpg.jpgTexas Parks & Wildlife Department--This will take you to the hunting homepage of that segment of Texas government that manages all wildlife in the state. It sets all hunting seasons, hunting fees and statewide management practices and these items are available online through their site.


The following links are to sites that deal primarily with hunting and shooting. Many were found as a result of friendships established through a hunting chat group. If you would like to join in with other hunters to contribute your own tales and questions, click on the button.

linkspeaker.gifSounds of the Whitetail--Joe, who lives in New York state and is an avid bow hunter, has a site that has the sounds that white-tailed deer make. Listening to these sounds and using them as one of your hunting elements will improve your odds on getting a monster buck.

linkfulton.jpgThe Fulton Buck--This site tells the story of the best Non-typical White-tail of all time ever taken by a hunter. Also shown at this site is a photograph of the largest antlers ever recorded even though they were found antlers and nothing is known about how the deer died.

linkrompola.jpgThe Rompola Buck--This site is a collection of newspaper articles from the Detroit Free Press that tells the story of the potentially new world record typical white-tail arrowed by Mitch Rompola in Michigan in 1998. You will also get to see the unusual controversy surrounding this deer and the hunter.

linkhanson.jpgThe Hanson Buck--This site tells the story of the current Number 1 Typical White-tail of all time, although a new entry shown above may replace it if the official measurements are ever made.

linkallen.jpgAllen's Page--Allen, who lives in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, is one of those fortunate people that is able to hunt big white-tailed deer near his home. He also hunts turkey, pronghorn and bear in other parts of the Province. His homepage has good pictures and entertaining stories on a pronghorn and white-tailed deer that he took.

linkarcher.jpgArcher's Homepage--Archer, who is 15 and lives up in the panhandle of Texas, has a page under construction, but this young man has been taking bucks since he was 11 years old. Go to his page to see his deer taken in the open plains of north Texas.

linkchaos.jpgChaos Knight's Trophy Room--James, who lives in Ontario Canada and hunts in the Spencerville area has a homepage dedicated to white-tailed deer and has pictures of hunter trophies taken in various locations as well as stories on hunts.

linkdevo.jpgDevo's Hunting & NASCAR Site--Chuck, who lives in Georgia has a homesite that has "everything" that you want to know about hunting white-tailed deer and links to his NASCAR site that all the "Ol' Georgia Boys" love.

linkshore.jpgDelmarva Shoreman's Homepage--Living on the Chesapeake Bay, Paul loves his waterfowl, deer hunting and fishing. In addition to the pictures, he gives the viewer the opportunity to learn something of the history of the region.

linkbatch.jpgEd's Homeplace--Ed, whose home is in Atoka, Oklahoma has his homepage in the construction stage but there you will find the great Pope and Young buck that he took in 1997. You will also get to see a picture of the Oklahoma state record deer that was taken in 1997 only 30 minutes from where Ed took his own fine buck.

linkalbertaboy.jpgHillbilly's Home--Ken, whose home is in Alberta, Canada has a homepage filled with fine white-tailed deer, mule deer and other game of the great area where he is fortunate to live.

linkhorn.jpgThe Horn Swamp--William has created this website to tell about their Wilcox County, Alabama hunting property. It includes pictures of their turkey, hog and deer hunting bordering the Alabama River.

linkfuhrman.jpgHunter's Visions--This site has been expanded to include hunts in a number of states complete with some great trophy bucks that Bob has taken the "hard way" with a bow and arrow. It also contains Bob's beautifully written piece, "Roots of the Hunter", that is an absolute must read for any hunter or non-hunter. He has the writing skills to weave wonderful stories about bucks, bears and other animals that will thoroughly entertain you.

linknorman.jpgHunting Alberta's Back Country--Mike, who lives in Alberta, when the CAF doesn't have him somewhere else..!, hunts in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and he and his friends have taken some great whitetails that anyone would envy. His site contains much more than whitetails though, it is filled with pictures and stories about sheep, muledeer, moose, bear and waterfowl taken in this exciting region of North America.

linkjbm.jpgJBM Small Arms Ballistics--Resolve issues such as point blank range, drop related to any sight in distance, maximum bullet range, etc. for any specific cartridge.(There is also a section that will be interesting to hunters called "Sunrise/Sunset" that will calculate precise sun times in any location and on any day of the year.)

linkp51.jpgMustang's Index--Jim, who lives in Tallahassee, Florida got that nickname "Mustang" because of his love of the fine P-51 fighter plane of WW2. This link will take you to his index page where you can link to see some of his Florida bucks and tales of "The Great White Hunter".

linkkevin.jpgPookster's Hunting and Fishing Place--This site is under construction; however, Kevin, who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada where many great bucks live has taken two super trophies. Go here to see them.

link308.jpgRichard Holt's Hunting Archives--If hunting Georgia is of interest to you, Richard brings deer and turkey hunting stories and pictures together to make your visit worthwhile. As you read of their hunting adventures together you will see what a strong influence his Dad, Vernon, had on his son's love of hunting.

linkreece.jpgReece Family Homepage--Joyce, who lives in the hills of Tennessee, hunts deer and turkey there and includes hunts in Indiana. She gives the viewer a flavor of her home area with comments and pictures.

linktndeer.jpgTennessee Deer Hunting--Dennis, who lives near Memphis, TN has a very interesting site dedicated to deer hunting in Tennessee. There are product reviews, recipes and other things that you are unlikely to find on another website such as deer sightings, wind chill factors, and on and on..!

linktrack.jpgTrackerron's Big Buck Brag Board--Ron, who now lives in southern Michigan, has a page that shows pictures and tells the tale of some really nice bucks that have been taken all over the country. Ron also has a second homepage that concentrates on his hunting in Upstate New York as well as a fine Pope & Young Pronghorn that he took in Arizona. To see that page, go "HERE".

linkvarmintal2.jpgVarmint Al's Hunting Page-- Don't let the "varmint" name fool you, this is one of the best all around shooting sites that I have seen. It is filled with neat sounds, technical data and great varmint hunting insite that will be useful to any hunter.

linkchris.jpgWestern Wilderness--Christina has concentrated on the western part of North America in her homepage. She lives in northern California and has a terrific elk to her credit. Go there to enjoy her humor and appreciate her skills as a hunter.

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