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Thumbnail Gallery of Hunting Photos
Taken in Texas and Mexico

30 Photographs are here..!

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tnbuck002.jpg Nice 10 pt. buck that, given time to mature, will be a great trophy

tnbuck003.jpg Over 20" wide 10 pt. in sendero with broken points from fighting

tnbuck004.jpg Venado holding a 140 class Mexico buck (side view)

tnbuck004a.jpg Venado holding a 140 class Mexico buck (front view)

tnbuck018.jpg 10 pt. chasing does (The slight bluring is because he was 150 yds. away and moving)

tnbuck012.jpg View of Mexican sendero filled with deer as seen from truck mounted tripod

tnbuck019b.jpg Good Del Rio 11 pt. caught in the open when he was chasing a doe

tnbuck016.jpg Mexico buck hooking brush on the edge of a laguna (some bluring due to movement)

tnbuck017h.jpg Venado with a 17 pt. buck taken in Del Rio in 1997

tnbuck017k.jpg Mount of Del Rio buck shown above

tnbuck020.jpg 9 pt buck in thick brush early in the season prior to the cold weather killing the leaves

tnbuck024.jpg Even small bucks break their horns when fighting during the rut

tnbuck031.jpg My friend, Loy Kyle, took this nice 11 pt. buck in Del Rio

tnbuck032a.jpg Venado with an excellent 8 pt. buck taken in East Texas

tnbuck033a.jpg This young buck, skinny from the rut, has spotted Venado, but isn't sure what he is..!

tnbuck036.jpg Getting out before season will give you the opportunity to catch bucks in places that you would not likely find them once hunting pressure begins.

tnbuck037.jpg Here is another pre-season buck that had no idea that the "lump" behind the trees was Venado..!

tnbuck008.jpg Here is a large buck with his nose to the ground trailing a doe that came by a few minutes earlier.

tnbuck010.jpg Here is that same buck shown above going away from me. Note how wide he looks from this angle, his spread is only 20" but appears much wider.

tnbuck015a.jpg Here is Venado in the 70s with his "sure don't want to look like a hippy" hairdo and a pretty decent south Texas buck.

tnbuck029.jpg Here two small bucks size each other up while they mill around before going into a laguna to chase does all night.

tnbuck005.jpg After chasing does all night, this nice 10 pt buck came by me breathing so heavy that I could hear him coming for 40 or 50 yards, and when he walked by, the saliva was running freely from his open mouth.

tnbuck014.jpg Here is a better than average 10 pt. buck taken in Del Rio in 1996.Although this ranch west of Del Rio in Val Verde County is well outside of the brush country of central south Texas, occasionally a really nice trophy for the area is taken.

tnjavelina3.jpg Here, crossing an open area in Mexico, is a typical javelina family group with members of various sizes represented.

tnsunset1.jpg This sunset in Mexico with the mountains in the background is one of those things that make "hunting" the complete experience.

tndoe002.jpg Deer are feeding out in a laguna in Mexico and are intermingled with cattle.

tnsunset2.jpg Another one of those spectacular sunsets that are a major part of the outdoor experience.

tnram1.jpg Here is Venado back in the 70s with a ram that was killed on a bow hunt at a ranch near Kerrville in the Hill Country of Texas.

tnbuck015b.jpg The big white-tail on the display board at the Houston Sports Show was taken in south Texas by Venado in the 1970s..

tndoe003.jpg I can't really call this picture a "hunting" picture, but here is a doe that stuck her head through an old rusty bucket and got it stuck around her neck..! She seems to be doing fine with the handicap.