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The Mourning Dove, Zenaida macroura, is a game bird common throughout Texas. Due to the open hunting season for doves that preceeds the deer season, they often become a significant part of the preseason planning made by Texas deer hunters for their first "Deer Lease" trip of the coming season. Limits are usually generous and they provide an opportunity for the entire family to enjoy an outing.


The White-winged Dove, Zenadia asiatica, is a game bird once common only in the most southern part of Texas along the Rio Grande River, although quite common in northern Mexico, that has increased its range to include areas as far north as San Antonio and the Trans-Pecos along the Rio Grande. Slightly larger than the common Mourning Dove, the White-winged Dove has a special following of hunters that have sought the birds in the "Valley" portion of the state and combine their hunts with crossing over into Mexico and a fiesta atmosphere that accompanies the special short season.

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