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The coyote, Canis latrans, is a dog like carnivore weighing 30 - 45 pounds. They feed primarily on rabbits, rodents and carrion; however they are opportunistic feeders and will gorge themselves on fruits when available. I have seen over 20 coyotes at a time feeding in Mexican lagunas on berries while totally ignoring rabbits that are nearby. Rabbits run, berries don't !!

There has been an all out war on coyotes by man in Texas for a very long time, for example there is on record where over 1000 coyotes were trapped in Duval County by Texas parks and Wildlife personnel. In spite of this, due to their sly nature they continue to thrive, often close to man.

The javelina, Pecari tajacu, is a pig like creature that when mature will weigh 30 - 50 pounds. They are quite common in the areas where I hunt and feed on various cacti such as prickly pear, sotol and lechuguilla. There are many stories of their agressive behavior, however I have found them to be anything but agressive as long as you are not standing in their only exit from a situation. If taken when young, they make interesting pets (this is often seen in rural Mexican homes); however when grown they become vicious and intolerant of strangers.

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