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Venado's Fauna
South Texas and Mexico

In order to see all of the fauna and a text description, simply click on the arrows below.
To go to a specific animal click on the name or thumbnail in the table below.

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coyote1_page3a Coyote javelina1_page3a Javelina turkey5_page3b Rio Grande Turkey
rabbit3_page3b Jack Rabbit snake2_page3c Diamondback Rattlesnake ringtail1_page6f Ringtail
roadrunner2_page3d Roadrunner cent1a_page6h Centipede owl2a_page3e Great Horned Owl
gsquirl2a_page3e Mexican Ground Squirrel bquail1a_page3f Scaled "Blue" Quail dove1a_page3g Mourning Dove
whwing1a_page3g White-winged Dove hawk4_page3f Red-tailed Hawk porcupine2_page3h Porcupine